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Wesleyan Students Carry a Purple Briefcase

Wesleyan's Center for Career Development has a new tool for students looking for internships and full time jobs. Purple Briefcase provides an easy way for students to access career development resources and connect with employers in the middle Georgia area looking to fill a variety of unpaid and paid positions. Students can upload a resume, a profile picture, select interests and search employer profiles. "For me, the best feature on Purple Briefcase is the tiles on your visual profile. They give employers a sneak peek to who you are. You are completely in control of what you put out there and you can be as creative as you want!" said junior, Amber Davis. Davis is double majoring in International Business and Marketing Communication.

"This new tool is easy to customize for each student's From Here to Career plan" said Sarah Schanck, Director of Wesleyan Center for Career Development. "We can customize each student's experience on Purple Briefcase so that they can see the benchmarks that are required for their career development path" Schanck added.

Career Development staff can also track engagement on Purple Briefcase. Each student receives an engagement score for performing actions in purple briefcase like uploading a resume, watching a video about interviewing tips, and applying for positions. "The ability to track engagement will better help us when we meet with our students one on one to determine next steps in their career development path" said Stephanie Baugh, Assistant Director of Wesleyan's Center for Career Development. "It's helpful to know what a student has been engaged with on the resources page, and to know what type of positions they are seeking. We can assist their search and give advice on how to land the position they seek based on what we've seen on their Purple Briefcase activity" Baugh added.

This tool is not only great for students, but an easy way for employers in the Middle Georgia community and beyond to have access to top talent at Wesleyan. Employers are able to post jobs, sort applicants, and search Wesleyan's database for students who have the skills needed to fill an open position.

To learn more about setting up an employer profile in Purple Briefcase please contact Sarah Schanck at

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