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Wesleyan Faculty and Staff Prove There is Strength in Numbers

Each year in October faculty and staff are asked to participate in giving to the College's Annual Fund. Gifts to the Annual Fund support everything from scholarships, to student activities, diversity and inclusion programming, and study abroad opportunities.

Giving to the Campus Campaign is another way faculty and staff can show their commitment to the students at Wesleyan. In addition to the talent they bring to their departments each day, their financial gifts help to support Wesleyan's mission as a whole, now and into the future.

This year's Campus Campaign theme, Strength in Numbers, was a chance for faculty and staff to showcase how they can collectively make a major financial contribution to the College. In just two weeks 98% of faculty and staff either committed a financial pledge or made a gift to the Annual Fund. A total of $35,853 was raised to support the College!

At the end of the campaign, faculty and staff were treated to a special lunch and were showered with T-A-Gs (thankful and grateful messages) of appreciation from Wesleyan students. "It is truly inspiring to see the kindness of the Wesleyan community shine during each Campus Campaign, and celebrating their generosity at the Campus Campaign Luncheon is always a highlight of the fall." said Whitney Davis, Director of Wesleyan's Annual Fund.

You will often find the TAGs hanging in the offices of faculty and staff members throughout the year as a reminder that their hard work and dedication are making a difference in the lives of Wesleyan students.

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