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Wesleyan Disciples Share Thoughts about Faith on Campus

"Wesleyan has a special place in my heart, and it has been a healthy challenge and encouragement to me in not only my education, but in my faith. The Wesleyan Disciples is a blessing to be a part of because it’s so refreshing and beautiful to be in a group of women that are seeking Jesus along with me, while encouraging others to do so." -Madison Hobbs "With the gracious support of donors, I was able to attend Wesleyan College and am growing both in spirit and personal growth. Being able to connect with a diverse group of people through the Wesleyan Disciples is allowing me to dive deeper into my faith and build lifetime connections with others. Thank you to all of those that continue to support Wesleyan." - Ashley Etheridge "Wesleyan has become so much more than college to me. Now, it is my home. The women are strong and my faith grows stronger as I am surrounded by followers of Christ, especially in the Wesleyan Disciples. I have grown stronger academically, mentally, and in my faith. I am grateful to all that help support Wesleyan and, in turn, support me." -Laura Harness "Wesleyan has not only provided me with a stellar education, but with many opportunities to better myself and to become a part of an excellent community of women through organizations like the Wesleyan Disciples. Thank you for supporting Wesleyan and all the women that are working toward greater knowledge and even greater character." -Christen Davis "Wesleyan has become a space of happiness to me where I can be connected in friendship to so many strong women. Wesleyan Disciples let me find friends that help me grow in faith in fellowship, where we all support each other and Christ. I am proud to call them all my fellow Wesleyan peers." - Imani Somner "Wesleyan Disciples is a community to me. With the help of my Wesleyan Disciple Family I have gained insight of who I am on the inside, who I want to be, and who I can be. Our chapel is home to me. Our chapel is a place on campus where I can admit flaws with no shame, laugh endlessly, and know that I am always loved and supported. I feel this way because of the wonderful people that I get to spend time with, communicate with, grow in strength with every week in chapel, and that continue to inspire me throughout the week as they see me around campus. I am so grateful for everything that our chapel has, and is continuing to gift me with: confidence, love, and a dedication to compassion. I am unable to come up with words to express my extreme gratitude to all of the people who help to keep my community flourishing. I am so excited to share these next two years with my family who inspire me to learn more about my faith, and how to share my love of humanity with others. I am excited for the chance to be a part of a community led by Dr. Schwaller who is always encouraging all of us to become better and stronger people. I am so thankful to everyone who contributes financially to ensure that I am able to be on this amazing journey. Support from people in our larger community inspires me to strive for growth, maturity, and happiness. Thank you all for everything that you do to make Wesleyan a better place." - Renee Gable "Wesleyan has allowed me to grow at my own pace and I will always appreciate that. I have taken the time to question faith. Now, I enact my faith and stand firm in my beliefs. The Wesleyan Disciple experience has allowed me to successfully practice my faith and continue service to my community. My heart is overjoyed to be in such an incredible environment." - Amber Davis "Wesleyan has not only giving me the chance to have the best education possible, but has given me a bond with my fellow sisters and staff here. Wesleyan feels like home and is an amazing place to grow. As a Junior I was given the opportunity to become part of Wesleyan Disciples. Not only do I get to connect with God, I get to share my faith with my sisters and have a place to feel safe. Thank you so much! I absolutely love Wesleyan and having the chance to share my faith." - Brooke Tussinger

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