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WCAA Board of Managers Update

Your Wesleyan College Alumnae Board of Managers is working to improve our methods of staying in touch with you as we represent you to Wesleyan, deepen the relationships we have with each other as alumnae, and contribute to the strength and prosperity of our alma mater. Today's fast-paced digital world enables us to be in contact often and we look forward to employing these resources to keep you informed and to solicit your feedback. We will use traditional methods (letters, messages from the President, etc.) and will begin to use social media channels more frequently. If you have not subscribed to our Wesleyan blog, please take the opportunity to do so (

Aside from more frequent communication amongst ourselves, we want to facilitate connections between alumnae and current students. Have you met the Wesleyanne of today? She’s globally-minded, technologically savvy, connected via social media, and tied tightly to her self-identified affinity groups (majors, sports, hobbies, etc.). She was at Alumnae Leadership Weekend, and she’s featured in the WESmag. She’s smart, focused, dedicated, empowered, and inspiring. We encourage you to get to know her.

As a Board we are thrilled to know that Wesleyan is growing and changing to reflect the needs of these current students. Currently the College is exploring opportunities to expand some majors and programs, add exciting new ones, and evaluate others for relevancy - all while offering new support to its diverse student community. All of this growth to meet the needs of today’s students means that Wesleyan, more than ever, needs us to not just be a part of her past but needs us to help build a stronger foundation that will support her future. Consider the opportunities Wesleyan is offering today’s women when you consider your donations to Wesleyan.

It is an honor to serve you, and we look forward to sharing more updates.

Melanie Filson Lewis ’93 (President) Abbie Smoak Lacienski ’01 (President Elect) Ashley Garrett ’90 (Past President) Catherine O’Kelley Fore ’02 (Secretary) Lynn Moses ’77 (Treasurer) Jan Lawrence ’80 (VP for Development) Sherry V. Neal ’96 (VP for Admission) Jane Price Claxton ’68 (VP for Educational Enrichment) Jaime F. McQuilkin ’06 (VP for Publications and Public Relations) Yehudi B. Self-Medlin ’96 (Alumnae Trustee) Beverly F. Mitchell ’68 (Alumnae Trustee) Leesa Akins Flora ’87 (Alumnae Trustee) Allison McFarland Wilcox ’80 (Member-at-Large for Nominations) Mary Kathryn Borland ’04 (Member-at-Large for Student Relations) Carol Bacon Kelso ’73 (Member-at-Large for Alumnae Weekend) Faith Z. Sumpter ’08 (Member-at-Large for Diversity & Inclusion)

Alumnae Weekend 2018: April 20, 21 & 22 Facebook: Wesleyan College Alumnae Association Instagram: wesleyancollegega Email:

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