Wesleyan College and Mercer University School of Law announce 3+3 accelerated JD program

Recognizing that certain students have the capacity and readiness to complete their undergraduate education and their law degree training in less than the normally required seven years of study, Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law and Wesleyan College have established a co-operative agreement for a 3+3 accelerated JD program. Qualified students will have the opportunity to accelerate their course of study by completing both their undergraduate bachelors degree at Wesleyan and their Juris Doctor degree at Mercer in approximately six years of full-time study as opposed to the normally required seven years of study.

To apply for the program, Wesleyan students must have completed all college core curriculum, all requirements of their chosen major, a minimum of two and a half years in residence, and at least 90 credit hours. Accepted majors include politics and global studies, English, or any major with a prelaw minor. Tom Ellington, Wesleyan’s pre-law advisor will assist students in charting a path for the program. To be eligible for consideration for admission to Mercer School of Law, students must take the LSAT no later than December 31 during their junior year at Wesleyan and must apply to Mercer no later than January 15 of their junior year. Admission also requires a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a score at or above the median LSAT score of the preceding year’s entering class.

Wesleyan Provost Melody Blake said, “This is an exciting opportunity for Wesleyan students who are interested in studying law. Mercer School of Law recognizes that the liberal arts grounding of a Wesleyan education provides exceptional preparation for Wesleyan students to be successful in law school.”

Eligible students may apply at any time for this partnership.