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Safety Announcement: Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is expected to come through Georgia this weekend.


We’re here to help you through the storm.

As you probably know, the National Weather Service is predicting dangerous weather conditions for our area this weekend.

  • The State of Georgia is already under a STATE OF EMERGENCY.

  • Stay informed about the status of hurricane Florence during the next several days.

  • Take precautions to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property.

College administrators are monitoring the situation by the hour and will make decisions in the most-timely manner possible concerning the safety of our students, faculty, and staff, including the possible cancellation of classes. Consult your family now and decide your best safety action concerning staying on campus or traveling. Campus will remain open* until further information regarding the storm is available.

* The term “campus will remain open” means classes are in session – all employees should report to work.

The term “campus is closed" means no classes will be held – no one but essential employees should report to work. It DOES NOT mean students have to leave campus. Residence halls will remain open.


ON THE HOME PAGE OF THE PORTAL or by logging on here:

WESLEYAN ALERT sends messages to your cell phone that provide information in the event of treacherous weather, weather closings, tornado warning, or any campus emergency.

  • Campus will remain open as long as it is considered safe.

  • If the decision is made to close campus or cancel classes you will be alerted via WESLEYAN ALERT.

If the weather situation is dangerous, students will not be expected to risk their safety by traveling to the dining hall for meals. Metz is prepared to deliver bottled water and brunch and dinner boxed meals (not hot food) to residence halls DURING THE EMERGENCY TIME PERIOD ONLY.

If you will be staying on campus this weekend and have dietary restrictions or food allergies, notify Jill Amos, Director of Disability and Advocacy Services at before tomorrow, Friday, September 14 at noon to include your residence hall and room number.

  • The decision to deliver meals and bottled water to residence halls will be announced via WESLEYAN ALERT.

If campus loses power:

  • Reserve your cell phone battery for emergency calls. Do not use your phone for playing games or watching Netflix. If you have a power pack charge it TODAY.

  • You will not have Internet service.

  • WIFI will not be available.

If you have medical needs that require electricity including machines or refrigerated medication, and you plan to stay on campus this weekend, notify Jill Amos, Director of Disability and Advocacy Services at before noon tomorrow, Friday, September 14 to include your residence hall and room number. We are prepared to provide emergency power sources.

Emergency preparation includes:

  • Making sure you have at least a week’s worth of prescribed medications on hand.

  • Stocking up on bottled water and non-perishable snack foods to fill in gaps between meals.

  • Having cash on hand

  • Filling your car with gasoline

  • Having battery powered flashlight

You can find Emergency Procedures and Wesleyan’s Emergency Management Plan on the website:

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