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Students Helping Students Succeed

Wesleyan College is committed to women’s education and helping every student find a unique voice and purpose. Sometimes students find their unique voice and purpose by helping others.

Students are helping one another succeed through a variety of programs on campus including the new biology T3 sessions, Academic Resource Center tutors and major ambassadors, and the Center for Career Development's career peer mentors.

Biology's new T3 sessions are meant to support the large first-year population of biology students. Upper-level students facilitate tutoring sessions to provide a more peer-friendly learning environment. Introductory biology students meet in groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the one of the library's classrooms to review course materials.

"It helps to discuss heavy items like biology with someone else besides the professors. Talking through the concepts also helps them stick," said Anna Marmolejo Rios '20, neuroscience and psychology double major.

The group sessions are led by upper-level students with a strong understanding of the material.

"Studies show that you learn better when you teach someone. So by teaching other students, I am able to still retain information I learned from the previous year," said Ugochi Emerole '19, biology and economics double major.

Tutoring in other subjects is offered by the Academic Resource Center. The ARC provides free academic counseling and tutoring for students who seek to improve understanding of course content and academic success skills. Peer tutors are prepared to assist students by using academic success strategies such as reviewing class materials, discussing past tests, working on sample problems, and preparing for exams.

New this fall, the ARC also offers students the opportunity to meet with a major ambassador. The Major Ambassador program consists of Wesleyan students who have excelled academically and are involved in campus and community activities. Students are nominated by faculty to represent a specific major at a variety of college-sponsored events.

Major ambassadors meet with first-year students who are considering a major, support outreach and major declaration initiatives, and provide strong student support at events such as “Declaration Day," major-specific events, convocations, and other recognition ceremonies.

Another way students are supporting one another's success is through the Center for Career Development's Career Peer Mentor program. Career peer mentors are upper-level students specially trained to review students’ resumes and cover letters. Career peer mentors serve as a vital link between students and career development staff, as well as advising and educating students and providing project and programming assistance to career development staff.

"I have loved my experience as a CPM because not only have I been able to work with other students on their career development, but I have also learned and have grown exponentially in my own development," said Laura Harness '19.

A guiding principle of the College: Wesleyan believes students gain strength when they connect with one another. The College encourages students to find their own places within a community and to contribute in meaningful ways.

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