A Week At Wesleyan - Weekly Photo Recap March 25-29, 2019

Macon native, architect, and Wesleyan alumna Ellamae Ellis League, Class of 1920, designed the plantings of cherry trees in front of Wesleyan’s Candler Alumnae Center and, behind the building, the red brick walk through Fickling Cherry Grove. Wesleyan’s front campus is home to 422 trees, 63 of which are cherry trees.

Women's studies students hosted a parade around the Quad this week to celebrate Women's History Month. This program is committed to cultivating well-rounded, passionate women who are responsible leaders in their local, national, and global communities. In order to accomplish this, students have many opportunities to raise awareness, educate, and empower through advocacy and activism events in their classes, on the campus, and in their communities.

Students and community members gathered for the opening reception of Wesleyan resident artist Michel Levine's exhibition titled Green Screen. During his artist residency at Wesleyan, Levine continued his ongoing exploration of using everyday experiences as a departure point for invented and abstracted narratives. Using monoprint and relief printmaking techniques, Levine developed his imagery and ideas through intuition, combining personal narrative with formal considerations of light, space, color, and shape.

The community gathered in Porter Auditorium on Thursday night to enjoy an evening of old sweet songs featuring Georgia music from the Middle Georgia Concert Band.

Bird watching on the Quad with Biology Professor Dr. Ferrari.

CI day 3

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Wesleyan draws a wonderfully eclectic mix of women – about 700 in all – from across the United States and more than twenty countries, bringing to campus a multitude of backgrounds and ethnicities. Wesleyan students choose to study here because they want to test their limits. The bar is set high because our students demand it. First for Women isn’t just a claim to fame - it’s a philosophy that explains why Wesleyan women continue to make history today.


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