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Wesleyan to celebrate Macon Burger Week with its own original creations

#MaconBurgerWeek is a week-long celebration of the almighty burger and thanks to Metz Culinary, Wesleyan is joining your favorite Macon restaurants to get culinarily creative and concoct droolicious and juicetastic limited-time burgers! We're talking five days of stretchy pants, meat sweats, and greasy fingers - a week Wesleyan's burger lovers have longed for.

Metz is creating original and scrumptious burger options for each day of the week. All burgers will be offered during lunch, except on Tuesday when the burger will be presented during dinner hours. Wesleyannes and WALL members can enjoy the special burgers at the reduced meal price of just $5.00!

Monday Lunch: Cheeseburger Pizza

• Cheeseburger Pizza - Pizza dough with 1000 Island dressing, cheddar/mozzarella mix, diced onions, diced tomatoes, dill pickle slices, and ground beef.

Tuesday Dinner: The Chef’s Burger

• Chef’s Burger - Beef patty with grilled mushrooms & onions, bacon, pepper jack cheese.

Wednesday Lunch: The Wesleyanne & The Hole in One (Bravo)

• Calling all Wesleyannes! Grab a sister or five and head on over to Anderson Dining Hall for a burger made with just you in mind! What a great way to share a special meal with a group of Wesleyannes. The ingredients: beef patty topped with Swiss cheese, grilled jalapenos, fried onions, and a lime aioli. Yum.

• Hole in One - Beef patty in between a homemade doughnut and topped with maple syrup, bacon, and Swiss/American sliced cheese.

Thursday Lunch: The Sombrero

• The Sombrero - Vegetarian black bean patty topped with sliced provolone, homemade guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and a mexi-ranch sauce.

Friday Lunch: Presidential Burger OR Create-Your-Own Burger (beef burgers, turkey burgers, black bean burgers)

• Presidential Burger – After a week of “fancy” burgers, join President Fowler for her favorite burger! The great All American Classic with seasoned beef patty with lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, dill pickles.

• Or concoct your own droolicious juicetastic masterpiece using lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, BBQ sauce, mayo, mustard, buffalo sauce, bacon, mushrooms, American cheese, Swiss cheese, provolone, and pimento cheese.

Off campus, your favorite local Macon restaurants will be selling $5 burgers and it's your job to eat as many as you can. Passports will be available in restaurants, so hit the road, fill your belly full of burgers and mail in your passport with five or more stamps and be entered into winning some really awesome prizes! Mail to: Georgia Beef Board, PO Box 28230, Macon GA 31221

Once you find your favorite burger you better exercise your right to VOTE VOTE VOTE for the 2019 Macon Burger Week winner at @MaconBurgerWeek on Facebook and Instagram. Follow the group and get up-to-date info on everything #MaconBurgerWeek. Feel free to share your burger photos using #MaconBurgerWeek and you might win awesome prizes. We encourage you to share your photos and all the info on EVERY burger offered (pictures too!) at (but wipe down your greasy paws first so you don’t ruin your keyboard). #MaconBurgerWeek is presented by Georgia Beef Board and Visit Macon.

For more information, visit: Wesleyan College is an event sponsor and thanks Metz Culinary Management for their custom burgers.

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