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Industrial Organizational Psychology Graduate Student and Residence Life Coordinator Morgan Lami &#3

Morgan Lami graduated from Wesleyan summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in May 2019. During her undergraduate career, she worked both as a resident advisor and as a summer lead. In her new role as the College’s residence life coordinator, Morgan serves as the primary contact between the residence life staff and the resident advisors (RA). She works with RAs to resolve student conflicts and assists with day-to-day management of the residence halls. As a student in the first cohort of Wesleyan's new master’s in applied psychology, industrial organizational psychology program (IOP), Morgan is already finding ways to reduce conflicts and problems and increase employee health and satisfaction. What interested you about Wesleyan’s new IOP program? I first became interested in I-O psychology as an undergraduate in Dr. Shelly Martin’s class where we were exposed to real world IOP concepts and applications. I enrolled in Wesleyan’s program specifically because is it an applied degree, meaning that I will get necessary field experience, and because the program has a focus on diversity and justice. I have been pursuing this topic since my freshman year of college and it has been the subject of some of my research. Is there any connection between your coursework and your residence life position? Yes. I am learning about effective leadership and what makes a good leader, which is beneficial for the RAs I work with. In class, we have been discussing how to motivate employees to increase performance and how to keep those employees happy by providing a healthy work environment. I have been trying to implement those suggestions into my work with RAs, focusing on their mental and physical needs as well as providing helpful resources. I’m also focused on assisting the RAs with developing clear and effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills. What are your career goals? As a result of this program, my career goal is to work as a human resources (HR) professional. I have a passion for helping people, fixing issues, and doing research, all of which are important factors in HR. My overall goal is to work my way to becoming a VP for HR where I will oversee the organizational aspect of a business including policies and procedures; recruitment and hiring; training and development; as well as other responsibilities. Wesleyan's I-O master’s program is designed to equip graduates for a career in consulting, diversity education, and training in a variety of settings including business, non-profit, and public organizations. Open to women and men, classes are scheduled in the evenings to make it possible for students to work while pursuing their graduate degrees.

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