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Choosing Wesleyan a Second Time

Robyn Nickerson earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Wesleyan in May 2021. With intent to enter a graduate program in the fall, she was debating whether to continue her education at Wesleyan or apply to other schools. She decided to contact Dr. John Christopher, director of Wesleyan’s industrial organizational psychology program, and says, “Dr. Christopher graciously took the time to explain the program and the career paths for which I would be prepared after graduation. I was sold! Another reason I decided to continue my graduate studies at Wesleyan is because Wesleyan empowers women. Being a mother of two little girls, that is important to me. I am beyond excited to start the program in August and so happy to be part of the Wesleyan family.”

Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychology is a quickly growing area of psychology that applies research to improve the functioning of workplaces in many ways. Wesleyan’s specialized curriculum will qualify students for a number of jobs in the human resources profession such as program manager, research manager, associate consultant, research analyst, and other entry-level positions. With a few years of experience, advanced positions as a team leader, program director, principal consultant, and chief human resources officer are available. These positions are a part of a wide range of career paths in consulting firms, industrial organizations, and government administration. These skills also translate into fields such as international business, human services, health care, civil service, banking, and the gig economy.

Wesleyan’s graduate courses are taught by seasoned faculty members with global business experience. Small class sizes allow students to form strong relationships with professors and to take full advantage of their expertise and wealth of knowledge. Robyn said Wesleyan’s faculty and staff go above and beyond and were vital to her academic achievements as an undergraduate. “The professors are helpful and show they care about student success. My academic advisor was always available to address my questions and concerns and keep me on track to graduate.”

The industrial organizational psychology program features rolling admission (continuously considered) with August and January start dates. The HyFlex program consists of both in-person classes in the evenings and online classes to ensure flexibility for students. If students cannot attend classes on the Wesleyan campus, students may log in from home using Wesleyan's OWL camera technology.



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