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Forever Committed to Keeping Our Campus Community Safe

In January 2021, Wesleyan became an approved site for distribution of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Wesleyan will offer the vaccine to our faculty, staff, and students in accordance with the state of Georgia eligibility guidelines.

Fifty-four of Wesleyan faculty and staff members were vaccinated at the College's first vaccine clinic held on February 1, 2021, and another 65 at the second clinic held in early March. Those vaccinated included:

  • Nursing students currently enrolled in the nursing program

  • Law enforcement

  • Faculty and staff 65 years or older

  • Faculty, staff, and students who are caregivers of someone 65 years or older

Wesleyan nursing students gained valuable experience participating in the intake process for the clinics, while nursing faculty administered the vaccines. This is the first time in Wesleyan history that the College has been a part of this type of public health initiative.

Our students continue to exhibit their willingness to keep one another and their community safe by practicing social distancing and following our guidelines. To date, only 43 positive cases have been reported for both on- and off-campus employees and students.



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