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Healthcare administration expected to grow at much faster pace than other professions

Wesleyan’s Master of Science in Healthcare Administration program is ideal for anyone interested in working in the field of healthcare or who is already in the field and wants to expand their career opportunities. Graduates will be prepared to hold vital positions in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, hospices, benefits management or insurance companies, and laboratories in both public and private sectors.

Our program is designed to provide the most up-to-date information in this quickly changing and growing field. Instruction begins with an overall introduction to the healthcare industry which gives an historic overview of how arrived at the system we have today and where it is headed. Students will enjoy a breadth of courses based on the skills and knowledge that are most needed in the healthcare industry, including finance, healthcare law, ethics, policy, and economics.

Our three graduate business programs – healthcare administration, MBA, nonprofit management – share core classes so students are exposed to many different perspectives. These classes meet in person on campus and/or hybrid for seven Saturdays. Specialty classes for each program are taught online over an eight-week term.

Dr. Suzanne Minarcine, visiting professor of business, has extensive experience in the healthcare field including being a retired registered nurse, insurance company executive, and entrepreneur. Dr. Minaracine said, “Our mission is to prepare leaders to reach new levels in their healthcare careers and address the challenges that lie ahead. Wesleyan’s graduate programs improve lives by providing educational opportunities that are tailored to build leaders in the community and in the industry.”

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