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Meet the Meeting Owl

In preparation for our students’ return to campus in August, the College has invested in several “Meeting Owls,” a new technology that will provide a seamless experience for those who must be out of the classroom due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

A Meeting Owl is an all-in-one audio/video 360° conferencing device that will turn any classroom into a near face-to-face experience for those unable to attend in person. The Owl automatically shifts the camera to focus on whomever is speaking, bringing the intimacy of the Wesleyan classroom to those who must participate remotely. 

Wesleyan’s Associate Professor of Education Virginia Wilcox ’90 has been using the Meeting Owl this summer in her Master of Education courses. “One of our students, Brittany Lesser, ‘owled’ in from Texas to participate in a creative expressions class. The owl scanned the room and gave her a 360° view of drawings, PowerPoints, and videos that were being shared. Brittany said she could see the entire classroom and felt like she was sitting right there with her peers.”

Every professor will have access to a Meeting Owl for all of their classes. If a student can’t attend class on campus for any reason, she can notify her professor who will provide instructions for the student to attend class remotely.



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