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Senior Development Officer Susan B. Allen Retires

Dear Friends,

The book of Ecclesiastes teaches us that “for everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven….” Now the time has come for me to retire from my service to Wesleyan College and to introduce you to Julie Rogers ’16 who will be your new Candler Building contact here on campus.

Julie is a Wesleyan alumna who worked on campus while earning her degree. Following her graduation she worked for Wesley Glen Ministries in Macon as Director of Development, and along her journey, she has made many friends in Macon and at Wesleyan College. If you have not yet met Julie, you will love her immediately and if you know her already, please welcome her back to her alma mater. Please contact Julie at (478) 757-3711 or at

I will be working through the end of September and I cherish each marvelous memory that we have created together to sustain and promote Wesleyan College to alumnae, friends, and to prospective students. My many years at Wesleyan College have been amazing because of each of you and the things that we have accomplished together. I urge each of you to continue your prayers for and support of Wesleyan College so that she will always remain First for Women. With heartfelt thanks to each of you, I send you my love and my gratitude for embracing me as part of the Wesleyan Family.

Warmest regards,

Susan B. Allen

Senior Development Officer



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