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Students Share Summer Internship Experiences

The Center for Career Development provides a variety of programs and services to assist students with developing and meeting their career goals. All Wesleyan students complete an experiential learning opportunity, in which they gain relevant experience and build professional skills. Students are able to pursue an experience that best fits their interests, such as independent research projects, performance projects, leadership projects, or an internship with an employer. Many of our students choose to complete their required Professional Development Experience (PDE) during the summer months. Malika Allen '22, a neuroscience and psychology double major, is currently participating in the University of Florida’s Summer Neuroscience Internship Program. "This experience is allowing me to network and create connections with those who can advocate for me in graduate school and collaborate on future experiments." Saloni Rai '22, advertising marketing, and communications, and psychology double major gained experience as a marketing intern for Argus Eyed Partners in Macon this summer. "As an intern, I was responsible for organizing a social media calendar and coming up with content templates for the company. I was teamed with another intern who was in charge of data analysis. Some of our tasks overlapped and we often worked together to solve them. This experience has helped me build on my teamwork skills." Thaddea Gill '22, a neuroscience and psychology double major, is currently interning with Wesleyan’s Department of Disability and Advocacy Services. "As president of the Disability Advocacy Club, this experience has helped me develop ideas to further promote awareness and plan activities for the fall semester. As part of this internship, I have been able to help with many projects and see how the department runs. For example, the method in which accommodations are requested, made, and executed and how the department is responsible for reports and outcome measures." Through experiences such as these, students are able to apply their classroom knowledge to a professional setting. From Here to Career, therefore, helps our students understand how their Wesleyan experience has uniquely prepared them for their next step in life.



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