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The MEd program at Wesleyan - small classes, close relationships, support from professors

Wesleyan's Master of Elementary Education (MEd) learner-centered program focuses on play, creativity, nature smart activities, and oral storytelling, but it is the way the courses are taught that truly makes the program stand out amongst others.

Each course meets as a group one time at the beginning of the semester and again at the very end of the semester. All other meetings and sessions are conducted one-on-one between the student and the professor. This means that each discussion is unique to that student individually and is completely focused on their research, data, and plan.

“We are the only program I know of that has this kind of research element, where every student has the professor’s full attention, alone, for hour-long sessions,” said Dr. Virginia Bowman Wilcox ’90, MEd program director and associate professor of education.

A two-day trip to the Ron Clark Academy (RCA) is included in tuition. RCA is a demonstration school – a place where visiting educators engage in a vibrant professional development experience by observing best practices in action before participating in hands-on workshops. The Academy has received both national and international recognition for its success for creating a loving, dynamic learning environment that promotes academic excellence and fosters leadership.

Wesleyan’s Master of Education program, ranked among the top twenty in Georgia, invites practicing classroom teachers who believe in the power of authentic learning, who desire a shift from mundane educational trends, and who wish to become active inquirers to join us in a journey of self-discovery, organic learning experiences, and active research around timeless and proven classroom practices. For more information, please visit our website.



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