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Wesleyan College announces new Center for Social and Racial Equity

Wesleyan College is one of nine U.S. colleges and universities chosen to participate in a three-year project funded by a $5 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Each geographically dispersed and organizationally diverse institution will partner with a community organization to develop tangible, research-informed solutions for racial and social inequities. Wesleyan is proud to partner with the Tubman Museum.

Opportunities for community members to come together will be offered physically and virtually through the College, the Tubman Museum, and Wesleyan’s new Center for Social and Racial Equity, located at the Porter House on Tucker Road. The Center is an extension of Wesleyan’s work on campus and its commitment to social and racial justice and equity.

The Center will continue to promote and foster diversity and inclusion and uphold equity and justice in all areas of the College, make transparent and hold accountability for Wesleyan’s commitment to creating an anti-racist campus community, and provide DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice) training, workshops, and facilitations for Wesleyan constituents as well as members of the Middle Georgia community utilizing the Interactivity Foundation/Diversity and Inclusion Discussions model (IF/DID).

The Center director is Wesleyan’s Chief Diversity Officer and Dean for Equity and Inclusion, Tonya Parker ‘01, and Assistant Professor of History, Dr. Brandi Simpson Miller, will serve as the Center’s assistant director.

Key leadership also includes Dr. Melanie Doherty and Dr. Holly Cole (Mellon grant managers), Dr. Karen Bray, Dr. Tyler Schwaller, Dr. Nick Steneck and Professor Alexis Gregg. Each of these campus leaders bring unique perspective, knowledge, expertise, and skills to further the mission of the Center.

A newly appointed advisory council comprised of Wesleyan faculty, staff, trustees, and alumnae will develop strategies, provide leadership and guidance, and share in the commitment and work of DEIJ, expanding our initiatives in the Wesleyan College community to the larger Macon community.

For more information, contact Dean Tonya Parker at



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