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Wesleyan College signs Articulation Agreement for master's degrees to GMC students

Wesleyan College and Georgia Military College (GMC), in the spirit of academic cooperation, signed another Articulation Agreement today that will facilitate the admission of GMC Global Online Leadership College (GOLC) Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) graduates to Wesleyan College's Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Non-Profit Management (M.S.) programs.

Under the agreement, GMC’s Global Online Leadership College graduates with a BAS in Business Management, Healthcare Management, Public Health, Supervision, and Management, or Supply Chain Management & Logistics who meet Wesleyan's admission requirements will be guaranteed admission into the MBA and Non-Profit Management programs. In addition, Wesleyan College will waive the GMAT/GRE exam requirements and give GMC BAS graduates a 10% per credit hour tuition discount.

This articulation agreement marks the third partnership between GMC and Wesleyan College that offers students at different educational stages a path to the next phase in their academic careers. The pair offer a Bridge to Wesleyan agreement, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) agreement, and now a graduate-level agreement allowing students at any phase of their education a seamless transfer process.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Georgia Military College and to offer our students another pathway towards achieving their educational goals. We are dedicated to helping students accomplish their academic and professional ambitions through our graduate programs. We look forward to welcoming GMC graduates to our campus.” - Meaghan Blight, Wesleyan College President

The "Bridge to Wesleyan" program is an invitation-only program that provides first-year Wesleyan applicants who demonstrate potential for success in college the opportunity to bridge between Wesleyan and GMC for their freshman year. Students considered for the program can attend GMC for the first year in an established cohort that will be tracked, monitored, and mentored to ensure success.

The Wesleyan BSN agreement outlines a specific set of classes that students must complete at GMC before applying to the BSN program at Wesleyan. Those 18 specific courses will be accepted without an evaluation; however, students must meet all other college and program admission requirements.

“We are excited to be able to expand and build upon our relationship with Wesleyan College,” said President of Georgia Military College, Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV, USA (Ret.), “Our shared commitment to providing quality education and opportunities for our students has made this partnership possible. We are proud to be working with Wesleyan College to offer our students a direct pathway to continue their education at the next level with such an esteemed institution as Wesleyan is.” - Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV, USA (Ret.), President of Georgia Military College

These agreements are designed to enhance educational opportunities and make higher education more accessible and affordable for students. At Georgia Military College, it is essential to provide pathways to advance the achievement of its students who aspire to further their educational goals beyond GMC. By continuing to grow, the partnership between the two colleges can provide students with clear pathways to advance their academic goals and further expand their career prospects and opportunities.

For details on this agreement's opportunities, please contact either academic institution.

Georgia Military College – phone: (866) 508-0365 or email:

Wesleyan College – phone: (478) 477-1110 or email:



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