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Wesleyan's Online Degree Program Provides the Flexibility Women Need

Getting to campus for classes can be a big challenge for working women and for those who are caregivers. Wesleyan's Online Degree Program provides the flexibility, convenience, and affordability a woman needs to complete coursework and earn a degree 100% online, on her own time, wherever she is. 

Lindsay Savage, an online degree student at Wesleyan, is pursuing her degree in business administration after a twenty-year hiatus from school. With a background in healthcare administration, Lindsay searched for an online degree program that had the values and flexibility she needed. She discovered Wesleyan's program while taking Lean Green and Six Sigma Green certification training on Wesleyan’s campus.

"I took a Green Belt/ LEAN certification course on campus with Wesleyan Associate Professor Kara Kostiuk. She mentioned that Wesleyan had an online degree option that was flexible and convenient for working women like me."

Lindsay had taken online courses at another college and found they weren’t flexible in the ways she needed to work around her full-time job and family obligations. “The support at Wesleyan has been phenomenal. It is clear that the professors and staff are held to very high standards. They have a genuine desire to help students achieve their goals and objectives. I’ve had at least six professors now and they all are helpful, knowledgeable, and engaged. It’s night and day compared to my prior experience.”

Wesleyan Online offers year-round admission so students can enroll at any time and complete either full-time or part-time coursework whenever and wherever. Courses are offered in five sessions a year, each eight weeks long.

"As someone who is returning to school after nearly twenty years, I can tell you that Wesleyan’s online program is exactly what women are looking for. The admission process is simple and convenient and the staff is so helpful. I have 13-year-old daughters and I’ve recommended this amazing school to them.”



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