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Wesleyan’s Siqueiros inducted into alma mater's Hall of Fame

Penny Siqueiros, Wesleyan's athletic director and head softball coach, was recently honored for her achievements with a placement in the Lake Brantley High School Hall of Fame.

Siqueiros, a 1988 Lake Brantley graduate and Florida native, received a scholarship to Florida State University where she went on to earn her bachelor's and master’s degrees and compete in three College World Series. In addition to contributing to the teams’ successes, she was named Scholar-Athlete of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and All-ACC.

Her induction comes after almost twenty-five years of coaching. In 1998, Penny was hired as Emory University’s first head softball coach and served for twenty years. There she coached four teams into the College World Series and won eleven conference championships before coming to Wesleyan in 2018.

"What an extreme honor," said Siqueiros. "There are so many people in one's life that contribute to a person receiving an award like this. From infancy to adulthood special individuals have inspired, imprinted, and supported my life and endeavors. If anyone ever says they are self-made I beg to differ. I'm blessed beyond one's imagination to be in a position to accept such a special award."

At Wesleyan, Penny has focused her efforts on improving athletic facilities and retaining a team of outstanding coaches. Currently, approximately 32% of Wesleyan students are athletes. Penny aims to increase that number to 50%. She would also like to create developmental teams for students who would like to enhance their skills with the goal of playing on varsity teams.



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