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Wesleyan SGA is "Striving and Thriving"

As a new academic year gets underway, Wesleyan’s Student Government Association (SGA) is "striving and thriving" to create an inclusive atmosphere on campus.

The 2021-2022 SGA has already hosted a residence life town hall meeting, an official officer meet and greet evening event, and recently established a new Wesleyan tradition, "Striving and Thriving" Thursdays. Every third Thursday of the month students are encouraged to dress for success. SGA officers have coordinated headshots during lunch hours and are making themselves available as a resource for students to ask questions or share concerns.

"I want SGA to serve as an effective communication channel for the student body to address their concerns. I want students to know that their voices and opinions matter and deserve to be heard. I want every student to feel that they belong at Wesleyan," said Erica Brown '22, 2021-2022 SGA president and psychology, and religion, philosophy, and social change double major.

With class officer elections taking place this month, Erica shares advice for students thinking about running, "Do not be afraid to go after what you want. I waited two years before becoming active on campus and that is my biggest regret. Begin to leave your mark today!"

2021-22 Student Government Association


President: Erica Brown

VP of Administration: Shayla Knight

VP of Community Engagement: Dezrae Lockett

VP of Operation: Riley Hasting


Senator for Faith and Unity: Savannah Pollock

Senator for Activism & Advocacy: Alysha Lawson

Senator for Campus Activities: Daebreon Buie

Senator for Academic Affairs: Tiara Robinson



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