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WCAA Board of Managers Meeting Recap

Fall is always an exciting time to be on campus, and this past October was no different. The Wesleyan College Alumnae Association Board of Managers gathered and met in late October to hear updates from administration, staff, students, and our numerous committees that are tirelessly working to deliver on our purpose of contributing to the strength and prosperity of our Alma Mater.

Updates shared from the administration echoed the messages and sentiments from Leadership Day. You may have seen the email notification about a survey that is being distributed soon. I encourage all of you to take the time to let the college know your thoughts. And while updates about the college are exciting, what inspired me most at our meeting was the inclusion of two current students. These women were in attendance to both learn more about the way our association operates and to share their perspective on what campus life is like today. Their engagement and passion were palpable and I am grateful for the perspective they provide as Wesleyannes from “the other side”.

Other topics discussed included:

  • Overhaul of the admission strategy (give Wesleyan the gift of a referral!)

  • Alumnae giving participation (we can do better!)

  • Pioneer Book Club (Join one! Start one!)

  • Class notes (there is value in keeping them current!)

  • Nominations for board positions (be a part of the leadership team!)

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to the members of the Board of Managers for the work and effort put in to keep our goals moving forward. You are all exceptional women.

Melanie Lewis, '93

President, WCAA

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