Liberal Arts - Interconnected and Impactful Faculty Research Symposium

Panel Session, 9:00–9:30AM

An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Challenges to Connecting in an Increasingly Divisive World (Taylor Amphitheater)

  • Dr. Holly Cole, Dr. Tyler Schwaller, Dr. Nicholas Steneck, Dr. Alex Roberts

Session #1, 9:45–10:15 AM

  • Matthew R. Martin, Ph.D., A DT Evolution: Teaching Human-Centered Design to Health Care Employees (Benson Room)

  • Holly E. Cole, Ph.D., Tall Tales: Exaggerating Impact-fullness in Conversations (Taylor Amphitheatre)

  • Alex W. Roberts, Ph.D., Sepsis: An Educational Intervention for Staff Nurse (Munroe 233)

Session #2, 10:30–11:00 AM

  • Barbara Donovan, Ph.D., Populist Rhetoric and Nativist Alarmism: The Alternative for Germany in Comparative Perspective (Benson Room)

  • Brooke Bennett-Day, Ph.D., Of Love and Robots: Predictors of Continued Affection for a Non-human Partner (Taylor Amphitheatre)

  • Sirena Fritz, MSN. and Holly Hollis, Ph.D., Using Travel to Facilitate Global Health Learning (Munroe 233)

Session #3, 11:15–11:45 AM

  • Chenny Gan, D.M.A., Music, Death and the Sublime (Benson Room)

  • Thomas C. Ellington, Ph.D., CAT-aclysm (Taylor Amphitheatre)

  • Wander Schroeder, Ph.D., What Do Foxes and Glue Have To Do With Cancer? (Munroe 233)

Session #4, 1:00–1:30 PM

  • Kara J. Kostiuk, CPA, MAac, M.A. and Nicholas J. Steneck, Ph.D., Quantifying Tenerife: The Accounting and Economic Implications of the Deadliest Airline Disaster in History (Benson Room)

  • Shelly Martin, Ph.D., A Woman in the Woods: What Backpacking Taught Me About Doing Gender in America (Munroe 233)

Session #5, 1:45–2:15 PM

  • David Bobbitt, Ph.D., Postmodernism (Benson Room)

  • Karen Bray, Ph.D., Sacred Sites and Secular Rites: Algorithmic Gods and Hashtags that Pray (Munroe 233)

Session #6, 2:30–3:00 PM

  • Randy Heaton, Ph.D., and Ernst Takacs, Dipl. Ing., Detecting pitch patterns in speech with Fourier transforms (Benson Room)

  • Deonna (Dee) Tanner, Ph.D., The Examination of Factors that Influence Treatment Seeking Delay Among Older Adults

  • Diagnosed with Acute Myocardial Infarction (Munroe 233)

Session #7, 3:15–3:45 PM

  • Nicholas J. Steneck, Ph.D., Recycling Nazi Images? Women in Early-Cold War West German Civil Defense Propaganda (Benson Room)

  • Tyler M. Schwaller, Ph.D., “Run Away from Bad Sex”: Rethinking Christian Sexual Politics in the Era of Black Lives Matter and Me Too (Munroe 233)

Session #8, 4:00–4:30 PM

  • James Rowan, Ph.D., Using Alternation Learning to Study Basic Cognitive Processes in Mice (Benson Room)

  • Ying Zhen, Ph.D., The Well-being of Musicians in the U.S (Munroe 233)

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