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Wesleyan College partners with Duke Divinity School

Committed to the shared values of educational opportunities and excellence, Wesleyan College and Duke Divinity School have joined together to offer a program that provides a unique combination of liberal and professional education well suited for those desiring entry to the fields of ordained and lay ministry.

This pathway is designed for highly qualified Wesleyan College students to accelerate their course of study by completing both their bachelor’s degree while taking graduate level courses at Duke, saving both time and money for students planning to pursue a graduate theological degree.

Beginning in the third year of undergraduate study, students can begin taking graduate level courses eligible to apply toward completion of requirements for the Hybrid Master of Divinity or Hybrid Master of Arts in Christian Practice degree at Duke. Although designed to accommodate a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds, majors in the humanities, including religion and/or philosophy, are best suited to the program.

Upon completion of requirements for the baccalaureate degree, students may apply for admission to Duke Divinity School. Accelerated Program students will be eligible to matriculate in the term immediately following conferral of the baccalaureate degree. Graduate credits already earned from Duke may be applied to the designated degree program.


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