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Wesleyan College Returns to Downtown Macon with the Opening of New Leadership Lab

MACON, GA – Wesleyan College, alongside the Knight Foundation and the Peyton Anderson Foundation, cut the ribbon on its new downtown Leadership Lab on Monday, Sept. 11.

Located at 522 Cherry Street, the Wesleyan College Leadership Lab will be the home of Wesleyan’s CEO Leadership Institute, allowing students to engage with programming meant to develop their skills, connect them with community and prepare for leadership roles in the fields they are studying. The space will also serve as a community hub for women-centered leadership and entrepreneurship programming, provide public space for lectures and events, and house a gallery for the College’s world-class art collection and student exhibits.

Most importantly it will allow Wesleyan students, faculty and staff to develop connections with local businesses and community organizations and reestablish the college as an anchor of Macon’s downtown.

“Wesleyan College has a rich history in Macon, and we are committed to increasing our presence and connections with the community we’re a part of,” said Meaghan Blight, President of Wesleyan College. “On behalf of the Wesleyan, I want to thank the Knight Foundation and the Peyton Anderson Foundation for their generosity and their ongoing commitment to women’s education. With this gift, we’ll be able to give our students the opportunity to interact with the community and build connections across the city.”

The Wesleyan College Leadership Lab is made possible by two grants from the Knight Foundation and Peyton Anderson Foundation totaling over $1 million. This money will fund the space, staffing, and programmatic support for the next three years.

Lynn Murphey, Knight Foundation Program Director in Macon emphasized, “This dynamic new Lab not only enriches this academic icon, the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women, but also amplifies our efforts to revitalize downtown. It's a testament to the transformative power of education and partnership, poised to shape not just futures, but also our community's trajectory.”

"Harnessing history with local progress, Wesleyan's Leadership Lab connects faculty, staff and students from all over the world with the pulse of Macon," remarked Karen Lambert, President of the Peyton Anderson Foundation. "The return of Wesleyan to Downtown Macon is more than a welcomed re-establishment. It connects a global presence to our thriving downtown in a bold, new way. Our place-based Foundation is proud to partner with Wesleyan College to bring women-centered leadership and entrepreneurial programming to our main street."

The Wesleyan College Leadership Lab will be headed by Executive Director Alexis Gregg. Gregg takes on this position after having served as Associate Professor, Studio Art. An avid member of the Macon art community, Gregg’s community connections will help grow the reputation of the center while her experience as faculty will ensure programming at the Leadership Lab compliments the College’s academically rigorous curriculum.

“I’m thrilled to be in a role where I can continue my work in high impact programming, innovative strategies, and community engagement. I look forward to collaborating closely with our faculty and staff to develop and nurture this program within our new downtown space,” said Gregg. “We have a great opportunity to build a foundation for a dynamic program and establish meaningful partnerships that will benefit both Wesleyan and the Macon community.”

Wesleyan College is the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. Accelerating equality for women since 1836, Wesleyan provides students with an academically rigorous education in an environment designed to build the strength and resiliency to thrive. Learn more at



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