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Wesleyan College Announces Five-Year Strategic Plan

MACON, GA  — Wesleyan College and President Meaghan Blight has announced the official vision for advancement over the course of the next half decade. The college's strategic plan was made official on Tuesday.

In the spirit of accelerating equality for women — which has remained at the forefront of Wesleyan College since it's inception in 1836 — the plan is focused on the achievement of four overarching goals: future-proofing the college's financial state, championing innovative learning opportunities, forging meaningful community connections and nurturing an engaged team with a strong culture.

"Like the women we educate, our institution is positioned for great possibility," Blight said. "In the next five years, we will be taking important steps towards establishing financial sustainability that will be Wesleyan’s foundation to thrive. We’ll be evaluating and adjusting our operations to ensure we’re serving our students, donors, alumnae, and community at the highest standard. And we’ll be enriching our inclusive community so that we attract and retain the students, faculty, and staff who will bring Wesleyan’s unique culture to life."

Throughout the entirety of Wesleyan's newly-formed creative plan, details documenting the imperative nature of commitment to change as it applies to moving the needle in closing the gap for future female leaders.

"There’s no denying it: women and gender minorities continue to face significant societal barriers," Blight said. "Women still only earn 83% of what men earn,1 and a mere 10% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women."

Wesleyan College's strategic plan and initiatives were formulated through a stakeholder-informed process that included interviews, facilitated sessions and surveys which included hundreds of students, alumnae, faculty, staff, community members, and board members who participated in the process.



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