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Wesleyan Student Broadens Horizons With Macon Mayhem


For many college students, going through the internship process proves to be stressful and nerve-wrecking; it’s most young adult’s first taste of the “real world” within their perspective careers and gaining practical experience can oftentimes be a strenuous challenge.

As for Wesleyan College senior Abbi Bunn, her internship journey  — like many other Wesleyan students — was not one of fear or anxiety, but of excitement in embracing a new frontier.

Bunn joined the Macon Mayhem  — Macon’s minor league hockey team — in January in her new role as merchandising intern, a role she had not previously seen herself occupying.

“Its been different, but I feel so much more prepared in my field,” Bunn said. “I can talk with people and learn more about what they do within the organization as often as I’d like; it’s been a huge learning experience. I feel like I have a better idea of what I want to do within my career since I’ve worked merchandising now.”

While Bunn may not have expected to fall into the merchandising world, she has embraced the new challenge, finding ways to learn more about what it means to work in the sports world every step along the way.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is how to network with people,” Bunn said. “I was able to talk with a handful of colleagues who are connected with organizations such as the Macon Bacon and build relationships to open doors for the future.”

With her newly obtained experience, Bunn hopes to parlay her skillset into a full-time job in sports marketing  as a content creator for the Atlanta Hawks following her graduation from Wesleyan.

Wesleyan College continues to cheer Bunn on as she learns from her experience at the Mayhem and moves toward a fruitful career in whatever avenues life may take her down.



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