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Wesleyan Alumnus Pursues Passion; Reconnects With Impactful Faculty Member

In most cases, the passing of time carries with it the deterioration of relationships and connections.

This could not be further from the case for Wesleyan graduate Holiday Liu .

A graduate of Wesleyan College for north of six years now, Liu has spent her time post-graduation pursuing her passion for motorsports; so much so, she wanted to take the next educational step toward becoming a master at her craft.

“During these years, I found my passion for motorsport,” Liu said. “I put myself into car racing and being a worker in the motorsport industry. And I realized that I want to study in the Sport Management program to save more lives from the chaotic Chinese motorsport industry.”

As Liu began the process of applying to graduate programs, she reached out to professor Kara Kostiuk for a letter of recommendation; recalling her fondness for the courses she took under Kostiuk — Principles on Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting and Principle of Finance — and expressing her gratitude for Kostiuk’s impact on her academic journey.

“I had the most practical knowledge and pleasure in your class,” Liu said. “Without you, my study experience in Wesleyan would not be so memorable and rewarding. I believe you are the best one to assess my capability in fast learning, my teamwork skills with classmates and my outgoing personality.”

Having remembered Liu from her time as a Wesleyan student, Kostiuk gladly wrote the letter of recommendation that inevitably aided in providing Liu with an exceptional opportunity.

Liu later wrote her professor of the good news:

“I want to share my good news with you,” Liu said. “I have received offers from all the universities I applied. I finally decided to go to NYU!!! I will start my graduate school in January.”

Wesleyan cannot wait to see the new heights she will soar to.



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