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Abbie Price '19 Returns to Wesleyan to Work and Learn

We recently caught up with Abbie Price '19 to learn more about her new role as student activities coordinator at Wesleyan and her work as a graduate student in public health.

Remembering your time as an undergraduate student, tell us why you chose Wesleyan?

As soon as I stepped foot on Wesleyan’s campus it felt like I belonged here and Wesleyan is the only college I seriously considered. I was a Global Scholar and graduated from Wesleyan in Spring 2019 with a degree in biology.

How did Wesleyan prepare you for your graduate studies?

I am currently a student in Mercer’s masters of public health program online. I always say my graduate classes are easier than my Wesleyan classes. Wesleyan classes prepared me to analyze the situation and consider the effects of a situation from all viewpoints, not just my own. A big part of public health is looking at improving health for specific groups of people and Wesleyan really opened my eyes to how important it is to consider other people’s viewpoints and analyze all potential consequences before making a decision.

Why did you come back to Wesleyan as an employee?

I always wanted to come back and work at the institution that helped shape me into who I am today. Some of the most inspirational people I’ve met work here and I want to be that person for other students. When I was given the chance to work in student affairs as the student activities coordinator, I jumped at the opportunity.

How are you combining your graduate studies with your work at Wesleyan?

One future career option I’m leaning towards is health promotion in educational settings such as high schools or colleges. When I begin working at Wesleyan I saw the need for someone to step in and help with COVID-related matters. I approached Dean Henry about helping Wesleyan with COVID-19 case management, random testing, and our vaccine ambassador program.



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