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Harbor Freight donates flashlights to Wesleyan

We owe a big thank you to Synergy’s Campus Safety Chief Jay Bartlett and Harbor Freight Tools on Eisenhower Pkwy.

After many nights of campus events and patrolling campus, Chief Bartlett said he noticed how much traffic there was late at night and how many students were walking through campus in the dark, fumbling, and using their phone lights. Bartlett decided to make a trip to Macon’s Harbor Freight to purchase 50 flashlights to hand out to students. While at the store, Bartlett was asked about his purchase.

“The next day, the store told me they would donate the rest of their stock to the college,” he said.

Harbor Freight donated nearly 100 flashlights to Wesleyan College. Bartlett decided to place Campus Safety’s stickers (with contact info on them) on all of the flashlights and hand them out to students at campus events.

“Pedestrian fatalities are very common in Macon and I don’t want that to be an issue here on campus,” Bartlett said.

Thank you Chief Bartlett and Harbor Freight for helping us keep Wesleyan College safe!



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