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Students on campus during COVID-19 closure

Though Wesleyan College has moved to remote teaching and learning amid this uncertain time involving COVID-19, there are approximately seventy students who remain on campus, mostly due to travel restrictions. Thirty are international students and only fifteen are from China.

A post on Facebook today by a concerned citizen stated that Wesleyan’s Chinese students are being treated unfairly by Macon citizens. It is true that two Wesleyan students who are thousands of miles from their homes and families have reported being victims of discrimination and xenophobia at a local store. It is extremely important that everyone knows that being Chinese or Asian American does not increase the chance of getting or spreading COVID-19. 

Aside from these two unfortunate incidents, the Macon community has been extremely supportive of the actions the College has taken, and will continue to take, to keep the Wesleyan community safe and healthy. Hundreds of pre-wrapped snacks and baked goods have been delivered to campus from friends who support our students who can’t go home. This generosity has been overwhelming and the College and the students offer sincere thanks.  In the spirit of the great compassion that has been shown, we ask those who feel compelled to act to send notes of encouragement and support or small token gifts to these brave students.

Rest assured that meal services for these students will continue. Additionally, Wesleyan police are on campus twenty-four hours a day, the gates remained locked, and visitors are prohibited. Students are urged to practice social distancing and all safety guidelines put forth by the CDC.

As we navigate the uncertainty of this global pandemic, counseling services are available via video chat, telephone, text, and email to all students who are feeling anxious, distressed, worried, or lonely.

Visit Wesleyan’s website for continuous updates.



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