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Protect the Pack Pledge

Protect the Pack Pledge

The Wesleyan College experience in the midst of the COVID pandemic is about so much more than earning a degree; it is about creating a community that is responsible, safe, and sustainable. We have a unique, incredible opportunity to show what a true caring academic community can be.

  • Each one of us will sign a pledge to Protect the Pack. We pledge to monitor ourselves for symptoms of the coronavirus and stay away from others if we have symptoms, wear a cloth or procedural face mask when in the presence of other people, keep a safe distance between each other, and observe best practices of hygiene and cleaning. 

  • Our guidelines will follow scientific research and best practices about COVID-19 for our community, even if those guidelines require more stringent rules for interaction than our region, state, or nation.

  • We will hold one another accountable for following the guidelines for safety in our community.

  • We will put safety first, so that we can accomplish all other goals for our academic community.

We will do these things because it is our civic duty and a sign of our commitment to each other. We can do these things because we are a small academic community on a large campus. We must do these things because the world needs our graduates: nurses, teachers, artists, leaders, accountants, and so much more. This is our opportunity to lead the way, to be the solution, to model for others what a safe, responsible, caring community looks like. Welcome back! Protect the Pack! We are One Wesleyan!

President Fowler



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