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Wesleyan College partners with Macon Bacon

Wesleyan College and Macon Bacon are excited to announce a new partnership, allowing the Wesleyan and Macon community to come together.

Local minor league baseball team, the Macon Bacon will host multiple events in association with incoming and current Wesleyan students as well as Wesleyan alumnae, faculty, and staff. These events allow those in our community to experience one of the many things that Macon, Georgia, has to offer, while also exposing our community to the history and opportunities that a local women’s liberal arts institution provides.

When we first met President Blight a few months ago, we really understood the college’s values and morals and what they bring, not just to the Macon area, but the Middle Georgia area and beyond. Right away, we knew that those values were in line with what the Macon Bacon have here in the community as well. - Brandon Raphael

Those attending a Macon Bacon game this season can expect to see lots of purple with a new 10 by 90-foot mural that expands along the field.

“I want us to be a household name in Macon, Georgia. I want to go into local high schools and ask ‘who is interested in Wesleyan College?’ and see hands flying up.”

- Meaghan Blight

With a strong community presence like Macon Bacon, President Blight says this partnership is the perfect way to bring Macon and Wesleyan together.

“We need our own ‘hometown crowd,’” says President Blight.

The Luther Williams Baseball Field history dates back to 1929, making it the second oldest minor league baseball field in the world. Wesleyan College’s 1836 milestone of being the first college in the world charted to grant degrees to women, makes these two historic staples the perfect pair.

“The history, the sense of community, and the lively atmosphere make this the perfect partnership for Wesleyan College. We are excited to be a part of the 2023 season.”

The Macon Bacon’s season kicks off tomorrow, Thursday, June 1 as they face off against the Florence Flamingos. The home opener takes place on Friday, June 2, at their home field in Macon.

For tickets to any Macon Bacon game, visit:


Upcoming events:

Thursday, June 8 – Wesleyan invites you to join the pack!

Local high school junior and senior girls – this is your opportunity to hang out Wesleyan College and catch a free game. Tickets are limited and first come, first serve. Reserve your ticket now.

Friday, June 24 – Wesleyan College Alumni Night

Wesleyan College alumni and friends – this is your opportunity to join us for a night of fellowship and school spirit. Reserve your ticket now.



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