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Wesleyan College inducts 26th president, Meaghan Blight

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this community and its over 185 years of commitment to supporting and providing opportunities for women.

Wesleyan College President Meaghan Blight was formally inducted as the 26th President on Wednesday, April 19, during the annual Honors and Awards Day Ceremony.

President Blight was presented with the presidential medallion and formally endowed with the responsibilities of the office. Blight shared her ongoing vision for the institution, which includes bringing more awareness to women's colleges and their importance in our communities. President Blight emphasized her objectives to enhance recruitment, provide further opportunities to Wesleyan students, and provide an environment that fosters forward-thinking, independent women.

Wesleyan College will continue to be a place that advocates for women's voices, talents, and success in their professional lives.

Wesleyan College President Meaghan Blight started her position at Wesleyan in July of 2022. Throughout her presidency, Blight has strengthened community relations, created key academic partnerships, grown Wesleyan’s international reach, and initiated programs such as the Working Warriors community initiative and the CEO Leadership Institute.

Within her first 100 days, President Blight released a campaign that exceeded her goal and raised over 1 million dollars for the College. Blight joins us from London, Ontario, Canada, where she served as Huron University’s Vice President of University Growth and Chief of Staff. President Blight is joined here in central Georgia by her husband, two boys, and two dogs.


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